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Day out for young kidney patients

As part of our grants programme, in December 2016 funded a bowling trip for a group of young kidney patients. Gemma Hockey, Vanda Fairchild and Marie-Louise Turner organised the trip. Gemma talks about their experience and how important these days are for young kidney patients.


"The BKPA funded another great trip for young kidney patients. In December 2016 young people across the South East were invited to attend an afternoon of bowling, socialising, food and drink. There were 15 young people and three Young Adult Workers. The workers from Guys and St Thomas’, St Georges and the Royal Free organised the event which took place at Bloomsbury Lanes in Central London.

These events are important for young people’s emotional wellbeing. It is an opportunity for them to meet other patients of a similar age, going through similar situations as them. Many younger kidney patients report feeling like they are the only ones their age in the hospital, particularly if they have a stay on an adult ward with many older or elderly patients. Facilitating an event for young people to come together in a fun, and relaxed environment enables them to access peer support, share experiences and have some enjoyment associated with their kidney disease.


The group feedback was very positive and they all had a good time. The bowling was great fun, and had a great community feel. Those with disabilities were supported to bowl by other young adults at the event, ensuring that everyone was able to take part and enjoy the afternoon together.

When the bowling had finished we all enjoyed some delicious food in the diner. It was great to hear the conversation about their experiences and life in general while tucking into pizza!

Feedback from Laura, age 20: ‘I had a great time even if I wasn’t good at bowling! I made new friends and I’m looking forward to the next event’.

Thank you to the BKPA for their generous grant that ensured the event could happen and that young people could get together for this very worthwhile event."

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